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Did you know the #1 cause of anxiety and depression, health issues, loss of wealth and even children failing in school?  It’s relationship breakdown. 

Join the next live Modern Love & Relationships Training. You don’t have to continue to suffer in your love life.  That’s why Dr. Brenda Wade and your Modern Love Team are giving you this GIFT now! If you’re ready to learn proven love and relationship skills take action.


Love is a beautiful and powerful energy


Love doesn’t carry us we have to learn how to cultivate and carry love


The biggest mistake most of us make is not taking time to learn love skills

Have you ever struggled with: 

  • Feeling lost, lonely, or sad about your life
  • A lack of communication or volatile communication in your relationship
  • A relationship that negatively affects every aspect of your life

We get it! Stress has a negative impact on every area of your life including health, wealth, happiness, and, if you have children they absorb these negative patterns.  Here is a scary fact, divorce and failed relationships is the leading cause of heart attacks in men.

Did you know that research shows if you have qualified pre-marital training it leads to a 50% reduction in divorce?

What are the answers to these struggles?…….

Learn Better, Love Better

Research shows that those who make the time to learn best love practices have the best love lives. That’s why Dr. Brenda Wade combines science, psychology and personal evolution to help you train your brain for love. Why does this matter, there are 50% fewer divorces for couples that do premarital training and if you hit a snag and get qualified relationship intervention, the divorce rate drops another 50%. Do you know what that means? The divorce rate should only be 12.5% instead of 51%. Stable relationships lead to fewer health issues, less depression, increased wealth, and happiness. Best of all, the next generation benefits from the relationship work you have done.

How Modern Love Training Works


Learn proven love tools

Most people are disconnected not just from others, but from themselves. All relationships including the one you have with yourself require communication, problem solving, and connection building practices. 


Become the best partner, friend & colleague

Then, in your interactions with others, every other metric in your health, wealth, and community improves as your relationships improve over time. Communities win when relationship skills thrive. Your ability to mentor and support others leads to the growth of positive and stable relationships in their lives.



Your continued learning and growth contributes to the greater good. People with stable positive relationships make greater contributions to good in the world. You are better equipped to support the transformation of cultural and historic wrongs in the world be it poverty, sexism, ageism, racism, or homophobia

Learn the relationship tools and skills you need with Dr. Brenda and our Modern Love Team.

Here at Modern Love and Relationship Training, we know that the best love skills come from the best love training. Without that training, heartbreak and hopelessness in relationships has been the outcome for millions for people. Dr. Brenda has been there too and suffered her share of relationship failures. That’s why as a trained scientist, licensed psychologist and spiritual teacher and personal growth expert, Dr. Brenda has created the Modern Love and Relationship Training Program and has served as the in-residence psychologist for ABC, NBC, CNN-HLN, and CBS.

What Training Participants Are Saying

“You are my secret weapon.”

— A client of Modern Love’s training

“Our marriage almost came apart and you brought us back together.”

— One newly reunited couple

“Thanks to taking Modern Love and Relationship Training, I met the love of my life and we are so happy. We had to have Dr. Brenda officiate at our wedding.”

— C&T, Newlyweds

Join the next live Modern Love & Relationship Training — our complimentary gift to you.

Packages and options designed to meet everyone’s needs. We practice generosity. Scholarships available. Sign up for a complimentary introductory training or send us an email.

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