If you are looking for a highly sought after media, host, and speaker that knocks it out of the park every-time – Dr. Brenda Wade is ahead of the game. Dr. Wade leaves audiences with not only something to think about, but guaranteed to change their life for the better.
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“Set your intentions to create True Love & True Prosperity. When you learn better, you do better!”

– Dr. Brenda

Your Modern Love Doctor

Dr Brenda Wade

Internationally recognized relationship expert, author and trainer

Dr. Brenda ignites change and transformation in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year. Employing her unique blend of Psychology, Science and Spirituality, she has become “one of the most renowned psychologists in America,” – Dr. Oz, earning numerous awards for her TV programs, best-selling books and her breakthrough mentorship programs and trainings.


Welcome to Modern Love Training!

Dear Modern Love Seeker,

Welcome to your best source for Modern Love insight, information and inspiration that measurably makes your love life better. Guess what? When your love life improves so does your health, wealth and yes, your happiness! My expertise as the Modern Love Doctor isn’t based solely on years of great training and education; it started with my own painful struggles with love and realizing there had to be a better way and I found it.

After much training with numerous mentors and teachers, those breakthrough experiences, blended with my background in science and psychology, helped me to create Modern Love Training and mentorship programs that have yielded extraordinary results for our participants:

  • Finding love after giving up
  • Being able to go back to work after doctors said she would never work again
  • Healing a marriage on the brink of divorce
  • Creating an exciting successful new career

(See more stories of transformation below)

And that’s just the beginning! If you are tired of struggling and getting nowhere, or if you are on an upward path and want accelerated results, I will show you how to break through past traumas blocking your way to True Love & True Prosperity.

Set your intention now! You are on your way to becoming a Mastermind and creating the love and prosperity you desire.

Passionately committed to a life of transformation and service, I have spent the past 25 years coaching individuals and couples on The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, Dr. Drew, The Oprah Winfrey Show, on my own national television programs and more.

Now is the right time for YOU to accelerate your personal transformation and start the journey to True Love & True Prosperity.

Let’s jump into this together…because when you bring your life to our trainings, we bring cutting edge tools, transformation and inspiration to your life!


Dr. Brenda Wade

Truth without love…

Your Daily Love Tools + Inspiration.

Truth without love is brutality. Always speak your truth with love.

Success Stories

People who are single often tell Jad and I that we are the most loving couple they have met and the kind of relationship they would like in their life would be like ours, and I always tell them that we learned how to have a healthy loving relationship in your trainings and refer them to you. Our big news is that we are expecting a baby!!! This is amazing and really a reflection of all the personal growth work we have done! We are so incredibly grateful for everything that we learned from you Dr B.

F & J

What a wonderful experience with Dr. Brenda. I learned that I can stand in my own power, be the person I’m supposed to be, and bring that love and energy to everyone I encounter. I learned about the heart powers, but most importantly I learned about compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Those are the keys to better relationships, and better love. I’m so happy this was a transformational experience for me!


If you haven’t attended one of Dr. Brenda Wade’s Modern Love programs, you are definitely missing out! I just attended one and thoroughly enjoyed it! I learned a lot about myself: For one, I definitely need to get out there more! I also left feeling the need to be more passionate with myself and others and do my best to cultivate more understanding relationships. I had the time of my life, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for transformation and love in their life.


After training with Dr. Brenda, I just have to say – I really enjoyed the experience! I’m walking away full of love and with a lot of wisdom on how to conquer life and grow as a person. I’m ready for a new start in myself, my career and my relationships!


I just attended Dr. Brenda Wade’s Modern Love mentoring program and I really enjoyed myself – wow! One thing that I learned is how we need to approach the world wholeheartedly, not half heartedly and how important that is for ourselves.