People who are single often tell Jad and I that we are the most loving couple they have met and the kind of relationship they would like in their life would be like ours, and I always tell them that we learned how to have a healthy loving relationship in your trainings and refer them to you. Our big news is that we are expecting a baby!!! This is amazing and really a reflection of all the personal growth work we have done! We are so incredibly grateful for everything that we learned from you Dr. Brenda!

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What wonderful experience with Dr. Brenda! I learned how to be the person I’m supposed to be, and to bring that energy to everyone I encounter. I learned about the heart powers but most importantly I learned about compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Those are the keys to better relationships and better love. I’m so happy now and it was a transformational experience for me.

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After training with Dr. Brenda, I just have to say I really enjoyed the experience! I’m walking away full of love and with a lot of wisdom on how to conquer life and grow as a person. I’m ready for a new start in myself, my career and my relationships!

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If you haven’t attended one of Dr. Brenda’s Modern Love programs, you are definitely missing out! I just attended one and thoroughly enjoyed it! I learned a lot about myself; for once, I definitely need to get out there more! I also left feeling the need to be more passionate with myself and others and to do my best to cultivate more understanding.

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I just attended Dr. Brenda’s Modern Love Mentoring program and I really enjoyed myself! One thing that I learned is how we need to approach the world wholeheartedly and how important that is for ourselves.

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