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My love life was never pretty before I met Dr. Brenda…I’ve been married three times and although I did learn from each relationship, no lesson stuck with me enough to end toxic love habits. After one Modern Love event, it was clear to me as to what was going wrong in my love life. Dr. Brenda helped me through exercises that allowed me to open up my heart. I felt totally inspired by this wonderful woman, who now has me on a new path of growing love and spirituality!


Before I met Dr. Brenda, I felt hopeless in my love life. After one Modern Love training, my spirit was completely lifted and she was able to answer so many of my questions on why my past relationships went wrong. Thanks to her, I am so grateful to now have an amazing husband of five years, and two beautiful children. This woman works miracles!


Dr. Brenda helped me grow my love life from the ground up! My partner and I now have the right tools to work out our relationship. I have everything to thank for her wisdom and dedication to save our relationship.


I was in an awful, unhealthy relationship and felt stuck in life with this person who made me anything but happy. A friend told me about Dr. Brenda’s Modern Love trainings, so I decided to give it a try. Just being with her, I was completely drawn to her incredible energy. She helped me find what was stopping me from leaving my relationship and the courage to do so! I am single and loving the time with myself. Thank you Dr. B!


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